The Flitz Fix – Beginner Series Instructional Videos (outdated)

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i will clean this up, but here is a link for now to the video collection!

View the entire series in the player below, or the individual links are just underneath.

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The Flitz Fix — Part 1 — The Atomizer

Part One – The Atomizer. The main component of your personal vaporizer. Simple visual of the main parts.

The Flitz Fix — Part 2 — The Cartridge

Part Two – The Cartridge. This is an outdated design, and most stop using cartridges immediately. However, they are often still included in kits, and can be purchased either filled or unfilled.


The Flitz Fix — Part 3 — The Standard Battery

Part Three – The Battery. This is a visual overview of the standard E-cig battery. These batteries come in a variety of different colors and sizes, depending on the type of kit purchased. Also, automatic batteries do not have a button to activate, and manual batteries include a button on the side that must be depressed while inhaling.


The Flitz Fix — Part 4 — The Battery Charger

Part Four – The Battery Charger. A standard E-cig kit includes a charger for the batteries included, and will either include a mains (wall) plug, or a USB plug. Typically kits will include instructions for charging, please follow them. Charging usually completes in 4-6 hours for most devices.


The Flitz Fix — Part 5 — The DripTip

Part Five – The DripTip. The standard atomizer comes with an empty mouthpiece which can be used, but most prefer now to buy driptips. A driptip simply replaces this standard mouthpiece with a fancier, sturdier, or more practical mouthpiece. They are designed in various plastics, metals, and glass, and come in a multitude of colors. They are also designed for different types of atomizers.


The Flitz Fix — Part 6 — The Milligram and Milliliter

Part Six – Mg and Ml. The e-juice for e-cigs will be measured in both milligram (mg) and milliliter (ml). The mg will be the strength of the juice, and may also be denoted in percentage. For example, 12mg = 1.2% juice, 36mg = 3.6% juice. The higher the mg equals higher nicotine content. Be careful with these levels, as higher levels can cause headaches and nausea or other adverse effects if abused. The liquid will come in bottles, and be measured in milliliters (ml). The ml is equivalent to the “cc” generally seen on syringes or medicinal measurements. This is simply the amount of liquid you are getting. On average, 20 drops = 1 ml. The larger the ml, the larger the bottle, the larger the price. These measurements together are not dependent of each other and can be adjusted to any preference. Any mg content may be used in any ml size, such as 10ml of 36mg content, or 120ml of 6mg content. Never let children handle any of your nicotine e-juice, and keep away from pets.


The Flitz Fix — Part 7 — Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

Part Seven – PG and VG. The e-juice for e-cigs is largely composed of a “base” liquid that does not contain flavor or nicotine. The two bases used are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). In some cases, VG is also listed simply as Glycerin. These chemicals come in different varieties based on production standards, and the only type that should be used is 100% USP (United States Pharmaceutical) grade. This grade may be different for other countries. Some people may have a slight allergy to PG, causing irritation or itchy throat, thus they would use VG based juice. VG is thicker than PG, and VG will create more “vapor” when exhaled. These two bases can be mixed together in different ratios, such as 50% PG/50% VG. Both of these chemicals are widely used in every day items and medicines, and often ingested daily. Also PG is the liquid used in fog machines to create “fog”.


The Flitz Fix — Part 8 — “Dripping”

Part Eight – “Dripping” The action most done with an E-cig will be providing e-juice to your atomizer. The preferred method is “dripping” directly into the atomizer. E-juice comes in dropper bottles (unless ordered in a very large bottle) with a lid. Adding too much juice will cause it to leak, adding too little can cause it to overheat and pop the atomizer. On average, 2-3 drops will be adequate to “refill” while vaping.


The Flitz Fix — Part 9 — Blowing Out the Atomizer

Part Nine – Blowing out the Atomizer. Throughout daily use of the personal vaporizer (PV for short, or E-cig), the atomizer may “gunk” up. Some e-juice may not vaporize, and will slightly clog the atomizer and affect performance and flavor. The easiest method to remedy this, is simply blow out the atomizer. After doing so, it may take a few extra drops to refill the atomizer, since it will now be empty.


The Flitz Fix — Part 10 — The Cartomizer

Part Ten – The Cartomizer. In addition to the atomizer, there are also cartomizers. This is basically a combination atomizer & cartridge in one. The cartomizer contains a heating coil surrounded by polyfill (also designed with other similar materials). These items are disposable, and come filled with e-juice or without (“blank cartomizer”). These can be refilled, but most opinion states not to refill but 2 or 3 times before degradation of material and flavor. The cartomizer is extremely handy for situations where you may not be able to drip, such as driving.


The Flitz Fix — Part 11 — Unflavored Nicotine Liquid

Part Eleven – Unflavored Nicotine. A large group of vapers have learned to mix their own flavored e-juice, often referred to as “do it yourself juice” or simply “DIY juice”. For this, they purchase unflavored nicotine liquid. This can be VERY dangerous for new users, please read all precautions before attempting this. High content unflavored nicotine liquid can contain up to 100mg or 10% nicotine, and should only be handled by experienced users with the utmost precautions. Never let children handle any of your nicotine e-juice, and keep away from pets.


The Flitz Fix — Part 12 — Inhale Method and Vaping

Part Twelve – Inhaling and Vaping. There are no wrong ways to vape, and no wrong ways to inhale. The most common method though, is to “mouth inhale” or draw the vapor with your cheeks into your mouth first, and then inhale down the lungs. One can “direct lung inhale” or inhale directly to the lungs, but this often degrades flavor and increases the chance for “burnt sensation” from the atomizer. To begin, it would be best to start with 2-3 second “drags” or “draws” on the e-cig just to become accustomed to the feeling and the use of the device. Once it begins to feel natural, a 3-5 second drag often gives better satisfaction from the personal vaporizer. After 3 to 4 drags, let the atomizer cool down for 15-30 seconds. If the atomizer is getting too hot, it can “pop” much easier. The better care you take of it, the longer it will last.